Rewriting, New TDWTF Article, and What’s Next for the Blog

I’m halfway through my major revisions on The Red Flood, formerly known as Dahlia, my YA SF novel. I’m doing both story changes and line edits, with a focus on the former, as I can pick up any miscreant adjectives in another polish. I had hoped to finish by the end of this month, but it looks more likely that I’ll be done sometime around mid-March.

I also have a new The Daily WTF article, with a groaner of a pun in the story: “A CSV is as Good as RAM, Right?

I’ve given thought to writing another ongoing series here, similar to my reviews of A Song of Ice and Fire a couple years ago. I’d like to write posts weekly or bi-weekly, about 1,000 words apiece. Here’s what I’ve been throwing around:

  • A series on the genre aspects of Studio Ghibli’s films. Miyazaki’s been an enormous influence on my writing, and a closer examination of why that’s so would scratch an itch. This would take about 10-12 posts to tackle.
  • Similar to the above, a criticism of Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, the manga that the movie was based on. It’s a well-written, heart-breaking series that could use some praise and attention in the wider genre community. This would last 7-9 posts.
  • A prose web serial. I attempted something like this around 2004 with a series called “The Wobbly,” about virtual AI who discover the artificiality of their utopian world and exploit the quirks they find. For this new series, I could either use a heavily revised Bodhisattvas as the pilot, or write something from scratch. But I don’t want to heavily commit to writing fiction for free, which could distract from the fiction I’d like to get published. Scalzi’s serialized novel The Human Division has been quite successful, but unlike his series I’d like mine to be ongoing, like a web comic.
  • More posts about my writing process. (But everyone already does this, and there’s a chance of it just getting too navel-gazingly boring.)

My posts will be a bit more sporadic until the rewrite’s done, but after I’ll be ready to start something new.