About Me

Florida-born, Tennessee-raised, child of nowhere in particular. I’ve been a resident of the Tampa Bay area since 2006.

I write science fiction and fantasy for fun and profit. My work has appeared in Garbled Transmission, the Cosmic Vegetable anthology, and Survivor. I was previously a contributor to the IT humor magazine The Daily WTF.

I’m also a web developer, with a decade and a half of experience. My primary expertise is in Javascript (browser and server), modern CSS, Coldfusion, and PHP.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Erik, thanks so much for referencing my thesis “Goddesses of Water & Sky” in your “Appreciation of Nausicaa” posts (part one, under “Martial Archetypes”). I’ve really enjoyed reading your thoughts on “Nausicaa” and I think you have some great insights. I was wondering if you might change the misspelling of my last name – it’s Nienhuis, not Nielhaus.

    Thanks very much – I look forward to reading more of your analysis of “Nausicaa!”

  2. Daniel,

    I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the blog series so far! I’ve corrected the misspellings you mentioned in my earlier posts.

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