Project Sagittarius: January 2023 Update

Total word count: 18,235

“This month didn’t go as planned” is an understatement. I ran into some logistical plot issues about halfway through the month that’s required a bit of tinkering, and soon after I’ve had to deal with some work issues and two major, unexpected expenses that sucked out any enthusiasm I was able to muster.

Anyway, plot issues. I may delete one of my main characters. Their sections are becoming more of a slog to write, which is a bad sign for how readable their passages are. I have ideas about how to make them more enjoyable to read about, but throwing them out the proverbial airlock is still on the table.

I’m also changing a subtle-yet-wide-reaching mechanic about how my society functions. This happens sometimes: you’re brainstorming, maybe before bed, and you think “this plot point would make much more sense if X instead of Y,” and you know it’s true, but that means a lot of fine detail work on what you’ve already written to make sure it fits.


Anyway, this is all to say that I’m ditching monthly goals for the time being. What I get done, I get done. And given that February and March both have week-long vacations where I’ll be disinclined to write much, that’s certainly for the best.

See you next time!