State of the Drafts, Labor Day Edition

(Or pre-Labor Day, in this case!)

Most of my time the past few months has been spent editing A Buried Stone Gate, aka A Buried Stone Arch, aka That Misshapen NaNoWriMo Novel From Last Year. However, I have had time to edit a couple stories.

I also wrote a peculiar series for The Daily WTF, based on a multi-part submission, and partly inspired by ninjitsu in pop culture and The Book of Five Rings. I’ll be sure to post links here when it’s up.


  • A Buried Stone Gate. Rural, contemporary fantasy novel. Finished rewrite; awaiting two more rounds of editing.
  • The Red Flood. YA SF. Tentatively querying agents.
  • Those Who Favor Fire. Something-something-pseudo-hard science fiction. Submitting to markets.

Short Stories

  • “In This Universe or the Next.” A far-far-far-future space opera, which I finished recently. Submitting to markets.
  • “Mold.” A Stephen King-inspired horror story. Will edit in the near future.
  • “A Very Long Chess Game.” My first venture into even remotely military SF. The idea fell into my lap the other day. Outlined, ready for first draft.
  • “Brain Bombs.” Cyberpunk. Submitting to markets.
  • “Alyssa and the Way of Kido.” YA SF. Submitting to markets.

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