Moving in Meat Space

I’ll be scarce around here for a month or so as I move into a new apartment. I’ve detested moving ever since childhood, when my family once moved three times in a single year, and I’m not looking forward to the act itself. However, my new digs are closer to work, giving me more spare time for writing and other geeky activities.

In the meantime, I’ll be writing a draft of a middle grade story I’ve toyed around with for a couple years, along with weeks of packing and paperwork.

While I’m gone, have a look at my WattPad page. Right now it’s an island of misfit stories — pieces I couldn’t place anywhere, or were too niche to find a good market for. Uncle Jim at Viable Paradise says to submit things until hell won’t have them, but I like to think of this as purgatory, where good stories that fall short can make penance until they’re printed in an author’s story anthology years later.

See you in a few weeks!