“Hey! I’m not dead yet!”

My arm continues to heal from the fall I took in late February, but I’ve recovered enough to type normally again. Most normal activities are possible now, except for carrying heavy objects or scratching my back.

I’m revising a short story I wrote a year and a half ago, a horror tale that’s deeply personal. I’ve taken long between drafts than I have any other story, taken longer to get the emotional distance needed. I’m splitting time between this and my Daily WTF articles, short pieces that don’t overtax my arm or wrist.

I picked up The Hero with a Thousand Faces again, which I started last year but interrupted with other novels. The way Campbell weaves folklore, religious text and dream studies is fascinating, even if you know the Cliff’s Notes version of the Monomyth.

I intend to travel later this year, either to a convention or just to see something new in the US. It’s just a matter of what strikes my fancy.