And Now, Back To Your Regularly Scheduled Programming

As some might have noticed, I made my Twitter profile private. This is part of a more general withdraw from Twitter as a whole. There are a few reasons for this: 1) I’m sick of spam bots following me and DM-ing me when I follow back, 2) my timeline is reduced to people shouting at each other, and 3) misinformation seems to spread more readily on Twitter alongside the true stuff, which I’ve fallen victim to on occasion.

Since my many (haha!) readers may want to know how my life is going, I’m going to start a weekly update schedule on general life events and observations. I’ll still post occasional essays/rambling screeds on different topics, but the weekly updates will be labelled differently.

In a way, it’s a return to how I blogged when I was on LiveJournal years ago. Of course, my LJ was private, so everything posted here will have to pass the “would I tweet about this?” test.

That said, how’s my life going?

I’ll be attending Paradise Lost in April. I’ve mentioned a few times a story I’m working on involving bicycle generators. Well, that’s my submission for critique. I’m 60% of the way to a polished draft with two weeks to go.

Work has been substantially busier lately. That’s another reason why I don’t post much: I tend to write blog posts on lunch break.

I suck at healthy eating. Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been through two different diets (keto, then vegan), back-to-back. I don’t recommend this at all. My motivation for both attempts was to prevent future heart disease, as I wasn’t eating at a calorie deficit to lose weight. However, I suffered some unpleasant physical symptoms unique to each diet. At this point I’m more focused on proper hydration and getting enough protein and fiber than something that strict.

I rode 25 miles last Saturday for Ride 2 Recovery, an organization that benefits disabled veterans. Despite some awful legs cramps during and after the ride, I had a great time. Cycling is such a forgiving sport, unlike running.

Bullet journaling continues to be awesome. However, my cursive proved to be illegible after just a few weeks. For now I’m using a small-caps style that works better with narrow-lined notebooks.

Church stuff is consuming more of my time. I’m currently developing an Adult RE committee and preparing a service for next month, on top of my on-again, off-again discernment process. And I hear I may be asked to accept even more responsibility in the near future. (I need to learn to say no.)

There’s some other exciting writing news, but I’ve held off until a Table of Contents announcement is made. I’ll post here as soon as it happens.