Course Corrections

I may have been a little too ambitious with last month’s plans.

For a variety of reasons, I’m back on Facebook earlier than expected. I’ll remain off Twitter (much more of an issue with me personally) until the end of the month.

As it turns out, people expect you to be on social media to keep in touch. I tried to be proactive in reaching out to friends, but that skill has really atrophied, and unsurprisingly I felt isolated.

I’m also ending my plant-based diet transition. I thought a gradual transition would help with fatigue, but uh, it really didn’t. I’m going to look at other ways of reducing my carbon footprint, but yeah, this one’s out of the picture.

As it turns out, I have other, more urgent priorities. NaNoWriMo, of course, is this month’s primary objective. There’s also something I’m planning for next year that I’m not ready to discuss yet, but I need to be clear-headed and confident.

More NaNoWriMo updates to come.