Leaving the Roost

It’s nearly time to leave Twitter.

Elon Musk, billionaire space enthusiast and edge lord, is on track to purchase Twitter by this Friday. He’s over-leveraging his assets to buy a social media site because, um, ego I guess?

It’s reported that Musk wants to turn the entire platform into an Everything App, like WeChat in China. He’s also averse to moderation, and plans to implement drastic staff layoffs.

Twitter stopped being the fun, jokey site I enjoyed some time ago. My experience on the site has become marked by dog-piling, hot takes, misinformation, and even outright hate speech. Existing Twitter moderation is woefully hands-off; tying their hands further would not improve the site at all.

One mantra I’ve picked up recently is “know when to leave,” applicable both in my professional and personal life. And I’d say it’s time to leave Twitter.

I don’t know yet if I’ll take up an alternative social media presence, or just post here more often. This could be an opportunity to spend less time doom-scrolling and more time reading longer, nuanced thoughts.

And I know some people can’t leave, either due to professional obligations or because too much of their social circle is embedded in the site. I pass no judgement.

Time to fly away to another tree, I suppose.