NaNoWriMo 2022: Surprise!

Against my better judgment, I am participating in National Novel Writing Month this year, after a years-old absence. For 2022, I’m playing using close-to-classic rules: a new idea (meaning not a continuation of a partial manuscript or rewrite), with minimal notes prior to Day 1.

This is by choice. I have at least two (maybe three) partial novels I could work on, but two of them, written during some rough personal drama, don’t sit right with me. The third is much more optimistic, but I’m not yet in the right headspace to return to that story.

I have no expectations of hitting 50K by November 30. My words are flowing better than they were last year, when I was straining to get to 250 words in a day, but my time and attention are fragmented this month. (“Just too much life going on” sounds like some privileged whining on my part, but that’s essentially it.)

I’ll post updates here every five days.

Day 1 total: 502 words.