State of the Drafts, December 2012

People have asked me what I’m working on, and I have had no easy answer to give them. Unlike some writers, I never have just one plate spinning at any given time. So, I’ve decided to do a (probably) monthly write-up on what stories I’m working on. Also, consider this a response to the “Next Big Thing” meme going around. (Note: ~ designates a word count goal)


Herald of Change. Finished. Under consideration at one market. Been seeking a home for it since late 2008; if it doesn’t get a bite this time, it’s going back into the trunk. (YA Fantasy, 70,000 words)

Those Who Favor Fire. Submitted to one market. If it doesn’t find a home by early next year, I’ll rework it to use some of the things I learned at Viable Paradise in October, as well as additional, valuable reader feedback I got recently. God, this one continues to be a pain in the ass; if I didn’t love the story so much I would have abandoned it already. (Hard Science Fiction, 108,000 words)

Dahlia/The Red Flood. Second Draft. Still needs some story revisions before it can be beta-read. (YA Science Fiction, 55,000 words)

The Coral Gate. First draft, in progress. I’m about 65K into a 90K story. Progress is slow but steady, at around 500 words a day on average. (Contemporary Fantasy, ~95,000 words)

Bodhisattva/Emptiness/Moon Rabbit. In turn-around. Haven’t found an ending to it yet, or it would have been my NaNoWriMo book this year instead of The Coral Gate. (Contemporary/Hard Science Fiction, ~80,000 words)

Short Stories

“Alyssa and the Way of Kido.” Submitting to markets. (Science Fiction, 4,000 words)

“Daring Dover.” Under further revision based on feedback from markets. (Urban Fantasy, 3,500 words)

“The Inalien Crowd.” Submitting to markets. (Science Fiction, 800 words)

“The Blue Stain of Piracy.” Submitting to markets. This was written at VP. (Horror, 2,500 words)

“Brain Bombs.” Second draft. Needs beta readers. (Cyberpunk, 4,500 words)

“Mold.” First draft. (Horror, 4,500 words)

“In This Universe or the Next.” First draft. Might turn into a novelette. (Science Fiction, 7,000 words)


Finish the first draft of The Coral Gate. Revise Those Who Favor Fire until it sings an opera, if necessary. Revise Dahlia. Begin work on that Otherkin novel, or work on Bodhisattva, whichever makes the most sense. The short stories may have to wait a while before I can get back to them. I have entirely too much stuff to fix before I can start working on anything new. Gah.