State of the Drafts, Early February 2013

I meant to post at the end of January, but got delayed by, well, you’ll see.


Herald of Change. Finished. Under consideration at one market. (YA Fantasy, 70,000 words)

Those Who Favor Fire. Finished. Submitted to one market. (Hard Science Fiction, 108,000 words)

The Red Flood. Third Draft in-progress. Formerly known as Dahlia. Still doing major story revisions. (YA Science Fiction, 55,000 words)

The Coral Gate. First draft complete. Finished midway through January. I’ll leap-frog between this and The Red Flood until both are ready to submit. (Contemporary Fantasy, 95,000 words)

Bodhisattva/Emptiness/Moon Rabbit. In turn-around. (Contemporary/Hard Science Fiction, ~80,000 words)

Short Stories

“Alyssa and the Way of Kido.” Submitting to markets. (Science Fiction, 4,000 words)

“Daring Dover.” Submitting to markets. Did a rewrite at the end of January; it’s 600 words shorter and two times as awesome now. (Urban Fantasy, 3,400 words)

“The Inalien Crowd.” In turn-around. Wrote an extended outline for a short story-length piece with the same premise and characters, but I need to finish other stories first. (Science Fiction, 800 words)

“The Blue Stain of Piracy.” Submitting to markets. (Horror, 2,500 words)

“Brain Bombs.” Second draft. (Cyberpunk, 4,500 words)

“Mold.” First draft. (Horror, 4,500 words)

“In This Universe or the Next.” First draft. Might turn into a novelette. (Science Fiction, 7,000 words)


Finish third draft pass of The Red Flood, then a second pass on The Coral Gate, with a pass on Brain Bombs in-between.